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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Her 8th Year Responses


Friday, January 13, 2012

It's her birthday

In all the excitement that leads up to Christmas, a person who celebrates their birthday around that time can sometimes get overlooked.  Each year her birthday sneaks up on me, and I tend to plan SAM's party at the last minute.  This year we were forced to hold her party on a Sunday evening, which I knew was not going to please parents...  I was busy working on friends Christmas cards when it hit me that we needed to get working on SAM's invites.  Because we were going to have her party at a trampoline place I got the idea to get images of her jumping.  She was on board with my idea - what kid wouldn't want to go jump on their bed?!?  So off to her room we went, tripod set up ~ jump away sweet girl!  We got lots of fun kooky shots.  This is the one we went with.  After some photoshop magic her image went from girl jumping on her bed to the final product.  What fun!

Christmas eve

My sister and nephew joined us this year.  What a treat.
There was so much excitement in the air!  Would Santa be bringing me that hamster?  (No...)  How about the sewing machine?  (Probably!)
George made an attempt at having you think this was last year's photo (or the year before that too) by wearing his very same favorite sweater.  Hopefully he got enough new clothes that next year he will wear something different.  The big surprise of the evening was his new teeth.  Looks like a new man!

"Mom, Friendship never ends..."

Why when I am so behind on posting do I take the time to post about BFF's?  Because these two girls rock my world.  Blow me out of the water.  Make my heart melt.  SAM has known her BFF since birth.  They share an amazing bond.  They plan to go to college together.  They are going to have bunk beds they tell me.  Currently the plan is to decorate their college room like an American Girl Doll Palace.
When they got separated in school this year, I asked SAM if she was going to be ok.  She looked at me ever so seriously, and quoted me the song lyrics "...friendship never ends".
When I am feeling down about the struggles SAM has, K always melts them away ~ she's got her back.  I'm so happy these two have each other ~ especially for SAM.  I LOVE you girls!

Our Christmas Card 2011

I went a little different with our card this year.  I tried to make it fun and playful, and not TONS of images of my girls...  Boo did not behave this year, thus she only made it into one picture, and that was on the back of the card...  I got lots of comments on TW's outfit - did she make it herself?  As soon as she put it on, I knew it wasn't "her" so we kept the tags on, and it went right back to the store after the shoot.  Thankfully she cooperated with me, and at the time she didn't know it was a bad choice.  Ah well, I was busy, and did not have any other options at the time!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Emily ann - newborn shots


Zoe ~ Future STAR of Film, TV or Broadway


Kendall Olivia


Grant & Ivory


Senior Portraits


Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Years and Still Going Strong!


I love our Love Story.
I was a flight attendant.  He was a military consultant.
The first time we met was on a 747-100 bound for Washington D.C.  I was working in the belly of the aircraft - back in the day when this great plane had the galley below deck.  Coming up the cart shaft in a dress (via ladder) for takeoff he says the first thing he saw of me was a long leg climbing out of a little door.  Two more unplanned meetings in random locations happened in the next 6 months.  I was smitten.  My Mom told me I needed to explore this, and find out why he kept popping up in my life.  Our first real date was in Hawaii.  Me on a layover, he on a business trip.  Chaperoned by one of his co-workers.  The rest is history...  2+ years of dating - me in SF he in DC.  Thank goodness for a job that made this possible.  Lots of speed bumps along the way, but we made it work.  He was my destiny.
Ten years ago today we were married in Carmel at the Highlands Inn.  I'd do it all again.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Summer Recap - The End

Our final day was upon us, and we knew what we came here to do.  Send an old cowboy home.  We do a really good job of ignoring this fact in the days leading up to it.
Over to Turtle Rock we climbed.  My sister, as the new head of our "house" had some great things to say.  We all took part, and celebrated my Dad's final send off.
Woods Lake = Heaven on Earth.
Love you Dad!

Summer Recap Part 3


We cousins have been coming to Woods Lake since birth.  It is a great place to reconnect.  It is also a place of great sorrow, as we've spread too many family members ashes here to count.  But the beauty of it all is that when we come here (even on these sad occasions) it is so peaceful.  I feel so fortunate that we have such a special spot.  This year there was record snowfall in the Sierras.  Driving up there in our caravan with our cars packed to the gills, we were not even sure if the campsite would be open.  The campsite was infact opened just 5 days prior to our arrival - and this was AUGUST!  Trying to obey the laws of 6 campers max per site, we were able to find 3 sites close together, there were 21 of us all together.  Two were used for sleeping, and the third was for eating and campfire camaraderie.  Our central focus was the lush swamp that bordered each site (you can see it in the background of the photo of Bill & Max).  I guess that explains the mosquitos.  This year we had plenty of dirt burglers, and I was thankful that SAM wasn't going to be the only one.  Everyone of these cousin-children love coming here as much as their parents, and this tradition will continue to live on.  We know that our parents, who have already been spread in the lake, watch us with pride.

Summer Recap Part 2

For those who follow HollyzWorld, you know that my Dad passed away in May.  In August it was time for the entire family to come together and take him to his final resting place.  Before getting down to the depressing, we all take part in our family tradition of camping at our special lake.  We lounge, we hike, and this year fend off mosquitos the size of horse flies.  On this date in particular it was time for our traditional 5+ mile hike at 8,000 feet elevation.  We start off on the Lost Cabin Mine Trail, and merge onto the Lake Winnemucca Trail.  Due to the enormous snow fall this year in the California Sierra's there was still LOTS of snow on the ground.  It made this years hike all the more fun...  and yes, that is snow you see in these images.
What a special treat to be hiking alongside my (youngest & cutest) cousin Max.  He recently received word that his very rare and very dangerous form of sinus cancer was in remission.  Having gone through an incredibly tough year of chemo and radiation, to have him there with us was incredible.  With this horrible gene pool my family suffers from, it just makes you appreciate each moment you have...  And I can't think of anywhere else we would want to share these moments.


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